Chunky Dave takes making peanut butter pretty seriously.

Chunky Dave's Peanut Butter is handmade in Sydney Australia. He only uses peanuts grown, processed and roasted in Kingaroy, Queensland and makes each batch one jar at a time. The peanuts are roasted, salted, and ground to perfection. Then he bottles and labels each jar.

Dave makes three types of Peanut Butter - Chunky, Smooth and Chilli. He doesn't use any preservatives or other mysterious ingredients, so it's a good idea to store the jar in the fridge once it's been opened.
It will keep for a few months.... if it lasts that long.

100% gluten free, no animal products, preservatives, colours, emulsifiers, stabilisers, or sugar.

To place your order visit our Online store, or come and buy it in person in-store or at the markets.

Here's a quick tour of the peanut farms and processing plant in Kingaroy, Queensland.